Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Whole New Real Estate Investing World 

As a member, you’ll have access to one brand new, actionable, “whatsworkingrightthissecond” lesson per day.

Here’s just a small sample of the lessons you’ll have access to when you create your free account right now …

Business Development:
1. When Should I Quit My Job & Go Full Time in Real Estate
2. The “Retire Early & Wealthy” Plan
3. REI Business Planning: First Things First
4. REI Business Planning: Specialists vs. Generalists
5. REI Outsourcing: How I Cracked the Code

Deal Getting:
1. “How I Get My Best Real Estate Deals Today”
2. Breeding Bird Dogs to Hunt Juicy Deals
3. Reading Comps: Art vs. Science
4. Competition Killer Part 1: How to Build Instant, Unparalleled Rapport
5. Competition Killer Part 2: Jedi Mind Tricks
6. A Simple Guide to Mining the MLS
7. Competition Killer Part 3: “There Can Be Only One”
8. Clever Investor Reveals His Matchless Marketing Mojo Part 1
9. Clever Investor Reveals His Matchless Marketing Mojo Part 2

1. 1 Easy Trick to Uncovering Private Lenders
2. Simple Man’s Guide to Private Money-Getting
3. Dating Private Lenders: 7 Ways to Make a Great First Impression
4. Reason #17 Why Most Investors Fail At Getting Private Money
5. 5 Salient Questions to Ask Any Private Lender
6. Private Money Demystified Part 1: Targeting the Right People
7. Private Money Demystified Part 2: Introducing Your Opportunity
8. What is an “Accredited Investor” and Why Does It Matter?

Inner Game:
1. The Way of the Warrior: Why You Should Want Pain Now
2. 1 Weird Trick to Make Success Inevitable
3. Do This, Make Money: 7 Millionaire Mind Hacks
4. Why Most Top Investors Fail (And You Should Too)
5. Excuses or Deals: Which Have You Got?
6. 3 Time Hacks for Getting More Done Every Day
7. How to Grill a Property Like Bobby Flay
8. Engineering Success: How Your Thoughts Call the Shots
9. You Can’t Gain the World Unless You’re Willing to Lose it All
10. Mighty Gratitude and the Iron Law of the Universe
11. Take Massive Action, Stay in the Fight and Fail Forward
12. The Secret to Being in Business Longer Than a Year
13. Why Not You?

Investing Strategy:
1. How Do I Know Which Short Sale Deals to Go After in 2013?
2. How to Flip Any House in 3 Days or Less in ANY Real Estate Market
3. Wholesalers: How to Make More by Pricing Less
4. “New Economy” Wholesalers: 3 Must-Do’s
5. Negotiating with Sellers: Jedi Money Mind Reading
6. Sneaky Foreclosure Getting Trick: Tapping the Capillary
7. Remote Rehabbing 101: Market Selection
8. The REO Sneak Attack Trick
9. Remote Rehabbing: What I Buy and How I Find Them
10. Wholesalers: Why You Should Always Get an Offer
11. Short Sales Now: What’s Working, What’s Not and Why
12. Remote Rehabbing: Due Diligence from 2,431 Miles Away
13. 10% Response Rate! Steal These Sneaky Short Sale Marketing Tricks
14. Copy This: Coax Cash Buyers with “Hedge Fund Bait”

Market News:
1. The New Real Estate Economy: What’s Going On, What’s Coming, and What to Do About It
2. David vs. Goliath: Calling on Congress to Rethink Wall Street Bulk REO Buys
3. News: Investor Driven Recovery, Banks Holding REOs, and Pre-Foreclosures on Zillow
4. Is the Housing Recovery Real?
5. News: Obama Punts, FHA Fouls, and Top 10 Foreclosure States
6. News: The Vanishing First-Time Buyer and FHA’s Bonehead Play
7. Short Sales: Bank of America Reveals Some Cards
8. News: Drooling Hedge Funds, a New Foreclosure Tax and FHA Says “Flip Away”
9. News: Top 10 REO States, Rental Income Rises, and Investors Drive Appreciation
10. How FHFA Leadership Change May Impact Your Business
11. REI & Uncle Sam: Are We Sinking or Swimming in Today’s Troubled Political Waters?

Web and Tech:
1. How to Speed Up Online Audio & Video Awesomely
2. LOL! Using Text Messages to Buy Houses
3. How to Covertly “Loop” Cash Buyers for Your Real Estate Deals
4. How to Fill & Sign Docs on Your iPhone or iPad
5. How to Legally Notarize Docs Online
6. Choosing Keywords for Your Real Estate Investing Website
7. 1 Weird SEO Hack that Grabs Leads by the Face
8. Sneaky Little Website Trick That Automates Cash Buyers & Private Lenders
9. Pimp My Google Voice
10. Cool App Lets You Listen Faster, Learn Faster
11. Tech Tip: 2 Quick SEO Hacks for More Website Leads

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Building YOUR Business WEB Workshop

Have a small business that you need to get onto the web and into the search engine listings?? Regardless of the type of business, we have a workshop that will help you establish your web presence.
Building YOUR Business WEB Workshop
This will not be a lecture, but a 6 hour Hands-On Workshop. During the workshop, Miller’s Bar & Grille will be serving food and beverages so we will not stop for lunch, but work straight through. This workshop is not specifically designed for Real Estate Investors but for any Small Business Owner.
We will cover the following:
  • Business Name Registration
  • Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting ($4.95/month)
  • Business Email Accounts
  • Google, Google Plus, Facebook accounts and Business Pages
  • LinkedIn, Google Blogger, Twitter, YouTube
  • Making Money from your Website/s
  • Other Online Resources as well as other Business Tools.
You will need to bring:
  • A Laptop
  • Your Mission Statement for your business
  • At least one picture of you or your business logo.

Saturday, June 1st
9:30 am – 3:30 pm
Miller’s Bar & Grille
130 South Public Road
Lafayette, CO
Cost $30
Does NOT cover your food/beverages
Keep updated on the workshop at
This was an excellent event. I have been to seminars on social media and web sites that cost from $100-300/ 8 hour day. None of those speakers, who where very qualified and excellent, but none of them gave me as much information as Jim Edenfield did in 6 Non stop Hours.  It was like drinking out of a Fire hose, there was so much information coming out. But Jim made sure every attendee got every drop of information and knowledge. He worked with each person individually if they missed something. His Power Point presentation was excellent, telling you what you where going to learn, then hands on doing it and finally reviewing what we had learned. Jim is a Master in this area. If Jim holds another class I will be there. You should not miss the next class offered by Jim either. You will get unbelievable value.
Manfred C
Absolutely outstanding! Thank you Jim for your incredible investment of time and expertise. Strongly suggest hiring Jim for his expertise to expand your business through Social Marketing!
Katy F
It was a fabulously jam-packed day. Jim has the patience of Job and a passion for helping others. Great job, Jim and thank you
Cheri H
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